I am grateful…

1 Timothy 1:12-20

I am a sinner. I have received mercy. The grace of our Lord Jesus Christ overflows.

This is the radical simplicity of the good news of Christ.

“Who can Christ save?”

Those of us who recognize and confess our own deep and desperate need. Those of us who have nothing to offer but our ignorance, our deep resentment and anger against others, our desire to live in self-righteous judgement over others, our need for control and fear of vulnerability.

“Tell me about mercy!”

Mercy is the healing, love and forgiveness we receive from our endlessly giving and generous God. Mercy sets us free. Mercy pours out upon us grace upon grace. Mercy restores us, takes away our shame, offers us faith, raises us up with Christ. Mercy reveals to us our self-giving God –  The King of the ages, immortal, invisible, with eternal glory and honour; revealed as the patient, humble Christ who came into our world, suffered, was one of us, is one with us.

“I feel stunned and overwhelmed by the grace of Christ Jesus!”

Praise God! What a blessing to allow Him to lift us out of our self-obsession as we gaze on His mercy with awe. Let gratitude fill our hearts. Let gratitude fill our minds. Let gratitude be the joyful energy which drives our attitudes and behaviours this day. Let gratitude be the lens through which we see each mercy filled moment, whether good or bad. Let gratitude be at the very heart of our attitude not only to the precious gift of mercy, but to the Giver.

God bless my friends,



3 thoughts on “I am grateful…

  1. Thank you Jane. If the church as a whole would have this attitude of gratitude – as we gather to worship on a Sunday I think the atmosphere would change. That we all would have a deep understanding that we are all sinners and have been given mercy because we have put our trust in the finished work of Jesus. No agendas, not coming along to get something from church just turning up with a grateful heart. God would turn up!! I just know deep in my heart He would. Because with that attitude there is unity and God has promised a blessing in Psalm 133 because of unity. May we allow the holy Spirit to cultivate within each of us an attitude of gratitude. Paul never forgot who he was and what he did before he received mercy knew the power of forgiveness – may we be the same.

  2. Thanks again Jane, as my day ends with study tonight, listening to last week’s Being the Church lecture, I am aware that much of today was coloured and enhanced by the Timothy passage and your blog’s encouragement to be grateful for the grace of God.

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