Psalm 37

Psalm 37

Psalm 37:1 (New International Version)

 Do not fret because of those who are evil
    or be envious of those who do wrong

The message of this ‘wisdom’ psalm is about hope and waiting and patience and the long view. In it we see the uncomfortable and familiar situation of our fallen world: the wicked succeed in their evil ways (7), and not only do they flourish, but they actively plot against the righteous (12). That is the way things are, and we can all attest to that. It seems unfair. It is unfair.

What do we do while this is the state of things?  We wait patiently for Him (7), in the knowledge that, in God’s good time, there will be no future for the wicked (38). So,

do not fret or be envious (1),
trust in the Lord and do good (3),
take delight in the Lord (4),
commit your ways to the Lord, trust Him (5),
be still before the Lord (7),
do not fret (7),
refrain from anger (8),
do not fret (8).

Do not fret. The Lord has it under control, both the big and the small. There is nothing to be fretful about. The life that each of us is living is the life God is sending to us. Commit it to the Lord, and trust Him.