Lord have mercy on my misery

Psalm 38 provides us with a very raw and honest insight into the tormented soul of King David as he faces God’s chastisement. Accepting of God’s discipline, it is a prayer for mercy and declaration of resolve that his single hope is in the Lord.

Psalm 38 is one of the seven penitential Psalms (6, 32, 38, 51,102,130 and 143); it is full of grief and complaint from the beginning to the end. David’s sins and his afflictions are the cause of his grief and the matter of his complaints. What these exactly are we are not told. He has a litany of complains about :

  • God’s displeasure, and of his own sin which provoked God against him (v. 1-5).
  • His bodily sickness (v. 6-10).
  • His friends avoiding  (v. 11).
  • The enemies who plot against him, pleading his good conduct towards them, yet confessing his sins against God (v. 12-20).

Ouch! This man is in need of some serious help and it is quite understandable why his friends may have deserted him. But there is still someone he and we all can turn to at his lowest ebb, at times of great distress.

David concludes the psalm with earnest prayers to God for his gracious presence and help (v. 21-22).

21 Do not forsake me, O Lord!
    O my God, be not far from me!
22 Make haste to help me,
    O Lord, my salvation!


2 thoughts on “Lord have mercy on my misery

  1. Thank you Glenn. I love the fact that God loves to show mercy. Not giving me what I deserve which is punishment. But the only way to receive this mercy is thru Jesus. I find that the human heart is willing to put up with soooooo much before it turns in repentance to Jesus. If i have unforgiveness (for example) in my heart – a major problem for many Christians – God will allow some Fatherly discipline to happen in my life. The longer my proud and hard heart chooses to hang on to the unforgiveness the stronger Gods Hand of discipline will become. The challenge for the Christian is to keep short accounts with God. Dealing with our sin as it happens so that we can remain sensitive to the Holy Spirits leading and not grieve Him. God knows exactly where to put His Finger on His kids to make them come back into fellowship with Him. When there is sin in our lives that hasn’t been brought into the Light we loose our joy. This is where church plays such an important role. Where we can get right with God with the help of other believers. After all, we are all the same none of us have it all together – only Jesus has. As the Holy Spirit leads and prompts us to repent and we obey maybe we will start to see God moving in our City.

    Imagine if He brings in a lot of new converts and as we minister to them they say they have to forgive somebody and we are sitting next to them and then we know that we too have to forgive someone that just sounds too fake. Lets do business with God so that when we need to help others seek forgiveness we’ve already done the work and can minister in Truth and see the captives set free!!!

  2. thanks Glenn and Connie. Yeah I find a pretty human response here too.There certainly is a loss of joy under the guilt of our sin…….when God is using the searchlight of his Spirit to point those things out to us.David is not shy with God either , he confesses his sin and as he also asks God to come to his help in present trouble.

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