Our GodReigns


Isaiah 52:1-12

These twelve verses carry a message of hope to a people under judgement for their spiritual unfaithfulness as a nation. Their God, the only true God, will ultimately move to deliver and restore them. Grace, mercy, and Sovereign purpose overcomes sin and judgment.

In time they were restored to the Promised Land when numbers returned under the decree of Cyrus from their captivity in Babylon in 539 BC.

In its most significant application the words relate to the redemption that was accomplished in the life, death, and resurrection of the Lord Jesus.

When the final revelation of God’s Kingdom occurs these words will have their ultimate fulfilment. This is the day to which we, as Christians, look for the restoration of all things and God’s new heaven and earth.

Who can Forgive Sins but God Alone

Mark 2:18-28
All the events recorded in this chapter gather under the truth that lies in the story that begins it. Who indeed can forgive sins? Only God. In that account Jesus acts as God forgiving sin in his own name because that is who he is.

In the verses we read today the reality of who Jesus is expresses itself in the figure of the Bridegroom to whom the Bride belongs even though he is yet to be taken away. This message is “new wine” for those who do not recognise who is present with them.

In Jesus, the Lord of the Sabbath, its Creator, is present. The Sabbath was meant for rest and refreshment both physical and spiritual. To true hearts its was meant to be a joy not a burden. Multiple and onerous rules had changed its character.

Honouring a day in seven as an occasion to relax and enjoy God, his ordinances, and his people, is an ongoing blessing. We ought not to lose its significance in a seven day week of relentless and unreflective activity.

2 thoughts on “Our GodReigns

  1. Thank you Harry. I was wondering why the first verse of the Isaiah reading sounded so familiar. Then I remembered the REVIVAL HYMN. I don’t know how to attach anything like Al has done but its worth a look. Best 30mins in-between Church services. Here is an excerpt;

    The church of Jesus Christ is largey sleeping like a great bedroom and you have all the Christians in bed and they’re all sleeping….and they’re saying,”Please don’t wake me up! I want to sleep on”! And of course when God starts to operate a revival people cannot sleep, you can’t sleep in church when the Spirit of God awakes the people. Look at the first verse in the 52nd Chapter;

    Awake! Awake! Put on strength!” Wake it up! You’re sleepy Christians! Awake thou that sleepeth. Arise from the dead! Christ will give you life!………….

    Nothing like a good kick up the pants!!!

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