God’s promises in troubled times

Today’s Reading: Psalm 40

This is an awesome Psalm. I have read it over and over again in the past few days preparing for this post and I love what it has to say – about God; about his grace; about our helplessness; about the great blessing for those who acknowledge their need and trust Him; about his salvation in tough times when we have hit rock bottom. It’s a great Psalm to have book-marked on your smart phone or pinned to a wall somewhere so that you can pull it out when times are tough.

Our family has recently been reading through some scriptures and pulling out the “promises” that we find there. We have been writing them out on post-it notes and sticking them to the pantry door. One day we will collate them into a long list – but for now the scrappy notes written shabbily with texta and pen are littering our kitchen.

I thought it would be an encouragement this morning to dig deeper into Psalm 40 by “jotting down” God’s promises to us in this passage. Here are 10 of the promises I found.

  1. God’s attention turns to me when I wait patiently for Him (vs 1)
  1. God listens to me when I cry out to Him (vs 1)
  1. God will rescue me when I am in deep trouble and cannot find a way out on my own (vs 2)
  1. God will deliver me to a safe and secure place. I will not fall – I will stand on the rock because He has placed me there (vs 2)
  1. In all my troubles He will give me joy – so much that I will want to sing about Him (vs3)
  1. When I trust in God rather than taking the advice of the proud (who would encourage me to trust in god-less solutions to my problems) He will bless me (vs 4)
  1. God has plans for me – many of them. That means that even when I feel life spinning out of control – it is not. In my troubles and sin I have not wandered outside His plan for me (vs 5)
  1. He rescues me even when I my difficulties are a result of my own sin (vs 12)
  1. He is so powerful that even when I have so many problems that it is almost impossible to count them, God will still deliver me (vs 12)
  1. Even when I am so anxious my problems are impacting me physically; my heart is racing and I feel like it is going to “fail”; God is big enough to rescue me (vs 12)



“Be pleased to save me, Lord;
come quickly, Lord, to help me.” (vs 13)

Lord, I know I am poor and needy and cannot save myself from the mess I am in. I know I have never drifted far enough to be outside your plan for me. I know that you are powerful and mighty to save. I know that Jesus sacrifice on the cross for me covers over all my sin so that now, even my many sins, will not prevent you from delivering me. Praise you God. Praise you.



One thought on “God’s promises in troubled times

  1. Thank you Peter for the wonderful reminder this morning of God’s promises – his rescue and redemption, more plans for us than we can imagine and how he meets us right where we are. Love the image of a kitchen cluttered with post it notes…praying for your precious faithful family today and the blessing you are. Vanessa Goodhew

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