I don’t like spiders and snakes

Here’s a link to our readings Isaiah 59, Mark4:35-41. I’ve added the message parallel version that makes it a little clearer I think.

The heading above is the lyric from that cringe worthy old 70’s love song by Jim Stafford….but  Isaiah also uses word pictures with spiders, snakes, bears and doves to help us see the truth of how deluded  Israel and Judah (and dare I say, Us) are with their attitude toward the Lord. These are hard words to read because in our heart of hearts we know at times they could be said of us! – well maybe just me then.

As we’ve been moving through Isaiah’s prophecy we see the rebelliousness of Gods people. They are blind and deaf, a people devoid of justice and righteousness. They want the blessing of God and his salvation but on their terms.

As young believer I was warned against the thinking that went something like “Sin on Saturday, Repent on Sunday”.Rightly so, as Paul warns us In Romans 6:1 “Shall we go on sinning so grace can abound”? This sort of salvation and grace is on our terms not Gods.

The Lord was displeased there was no one to intervene, to pursue justice and righteousness.So he will do it with judgement and redemption. Judah will return from the exile in Babylon but they are also pointed toward the true redeemer…the Lord Jesus.


The familiar story of Jesus calming the storm is loved by pretty much every believer. In our minds we see ourselves in the boat on the storms of life. We cry out to Jesus “I’m going to perish! Don’t you care? Why are you sleeping anyway? At least respond in some way!

I heard a sermon a few months back that made the point that we would pray the Lords prayer differently if we understood more WHO we were praying to – OUR FATHER in heaven.So too would those in the boat with Jesus, whose voice caused the wind and waves to obey His command. Even the disciples had difficulty coming to terms with Jesus’s divine power so I guess it’s not surprising that we do too.

But that is the challenge….and the excitement!





3 thoughts on “I don’t like spiders and snakes

  1. Thanks Al. I think Ian’s sermon hit the nail on the head last night. Jesus raises the bar when it comes to sin in the believers life. And as uncomfortable it might be we need to hear this told. We are supposed to be different from those who don’t know Christ but because of our sin we’ve just blended in!!! We don’t understand what it means to live lives that are holy and set apart for Gods purposes. I’ve been asking God and seeking His guidance about a relationship and His answer to me not once but twice through two different teachings this week was,”I’m more interested in your holiness than your happiness”. That’s it!! No ifs, no buts!! His grace is enough. I’ve come to understand that we are no different than the disciples who even they heard straight from the lips of Jesus many truths yet they still doubted. We have Gods Word we must believe what this Book says as now we have the Spirit living inside those who are born again. God doesn’t want to punish He is after relationship it’s just that sin gets in the way of a holy God. Let’s ask the Holy Spurit to keep us on a short leash and deal with our sin immediently so that we too can have unbroken fellowship with our Father who is in Heaven. God help us.

  2. Agreed Connie, Ian certainly did. I do take some comfort I suppose that I am not alone with the struggle of sin when Paul writes about his own In Rom7. You know, the almost tongue twister of “doing what he doesn’t want to do” verses.

    • As we mature as a Christian we will sin less. BUT when we do sin we will hate it more. Thankful for grace!!

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