Life to Come.

Read Isaiah 65:17-25

It’s hard to know what to say about this passage since it speaks so clearly for itself.

For me it shows there really is no other hope like the hope found in the promises of God. I really do long for the things it speaks of. No more weeping or crying, no more death; gladness and rejoicing forever. The picture it paints is second to none when you compare it to the human imagination where heaven is just a solid gold mansion and we all get what we want. I love how the emphasis isn’t on what will be there, but what won’t be there.

In pointing to how good life is going to be without these things it helps me realise just how broken and wrong this world has become. These things are not good, particularly death. It is so clear that they were never meant to be part of creation. I think their horribleness points to the fact that this was not how life was meant to be. There must be something better.

While we can probably debate the extent to which there is continuity and discontinuity between our world now and life to come, I think the language of a ‘new heavens [sky] and new earth’ at least suggests it will be radically, beautifully different.

That God would desire this life for us gives me something to think about.

Yours praying I grow in my hope and wonder of life to come.

Peter L


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