No can do.

Zephaniah 3. Mark 7:31-37.

We tolerate sin. God can’t. We can live with our little bit of pride, self reliance, independence. God can’t. We can act as if  we are King. God can’t. Because God can’t, Zephaniah tells Judah of their coming destruction, the great Day of the Lord, when man is cut off from the face of the earth; the day of the Lord’s wrath when the whole world will be consumed – Judah as well as her enemies. God can’t tolerate evil and evildoers.

Chapter 3 speaks of the day after. The day after the great Day of the Lord. Judah’s restoration is nothing like what is promised here. Purification.” Then will I purify the lips of the peoples, that all of them may call on the name of the Lord, and serve him “(9).Obedience.” They will do no wrong”.(13) Pardoned.”The Lord has taken away your punishment” (15). Union.” The Lord, the King of Israel is with you.” (15) Loved and delighted in (17).Rejoiced over. Healed. Gathered. Honoured.

These are all actions of God. He loves. He restores. He pardons.He saves. We can’t.

The wrath of God for the nations was unleashed, and Matthew 26:39 tells us who drank that cup of God’s wrath. Jesus purifies the lips of the peoples, that they may call on the name of the Lord.

Jesus restores. And what he does to one man, recorded in Mark 7:31-37, restoring his hearing and speech, in a personal, physical way, foreshadows what Jesus is doing on a global yet personal, spiritual way. Restoration.

So, in the words of Zephaniah, Be glad and rejoice with all your heart, The Lord has taken away your punishment.



3 thoughts on “No can do.

  1. Thanks Philip. The connection that is here between the Old Testament passage and God’s promises to pardon and clean and the New Testament passage of the miraculous healing by Jesus strongly underline how much we have to be prepared or healed to stand before God in worship after the day of judgement. There is much encouragement here for those who believe.

  2. Thank you Phillip. I wonder what would happen if Gods people didn’t tolerate their sin? If Gods people started to live lives that were holy and set apart for Gods use. What would this look like? Pondering……………………………..

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