Only by prayer


Zech 6, Mark 9:14-29


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Mark 9:14-29 is a feel good story with a twist in the tail. It is clear that Jesus is gaining popularity and we get the impression that he is eager not to capitalise on this ground swell of support but to be quick to disburse the crowds. He doesn’t want them glorifying him as a man but to be recognising he is God. Jesus is masterful at giving those who have eyes to see, all the clues necessary to come to this conclusion.

When the disciples questioned why they couldn’t cast out the evil spirit from the boy, Jesus simply states “This kind can come out only by prayer” (29). What does he mean by this?

When we look at how Jesus cast out the spirit it wasn’t by prayer but by a command and the spirit obeys. The inference is that work of the spiritual realm can only be done by God – thus the need for prayer rather than own ability, and that Jesus himself is God as he is the one who is able to command the spirit to leave.

Earlier on in v23 Jesus quietly rebukes the unbelieving father by saying “Everything is possible for the one who believes.” The question then is: believes in what? Clearly it is not about believing in ones own ability, but rather believing that Jesus is God.

Application for me? I have often asked for God to give me the ability to do something so that I might glorify him. Rather shouldn’t I just ask for God to be doing it?


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  1. Thank you Lachlan. We may not see such things as demon possession in Australia. But we have other struggles or deep seeded vices that we can only overcome with prayer and fasting. When you become a born again believer it doesn’t always mean that you are instantly healed of bad habits that were a problem before we met Christ. That is where prayer and fasting come in. I really believe that we can take Jesus at His word that by prayer and fasting we can overcome any vice that would stop us from being all that we are meant to be in Christ and living it out here on earth.

    Help us in our unbelief.

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