Making a Bad Choice

Making a Bad Choice

Zechariah 11:4-17

Of this post-exile prophet Ralph Smith wrote: “… in the original passage the quality of leadership is its central theme. Here is a people who had Yahweh’s own choice to be their shepherd. He wanted to rescue the perish care for the injured, and feed the hungry. But the people rejected him. So Yahweh told the shepherd to take again the gear of a foolish shepherd who would consume the sheep. The lesson of the parable is that if a people will not follow good leader”. Matthew uses references to these words in 26:15 and 27:9 and 10 in connection with the actions of Judas who made a disastrous choice.

Who then can be Saved?

Mark 10:17-31

When our hearts are captured by any thing other than God himself we are in fact idolaters and such we all are by nature. Only God can save us and his salvation brings life and blessing in the age to come. God saves those who look to his grace alone for salvation.