In God There Is Hope.

We come to Psalm 43 today.

The first line is “Vindicate me, O God”. The Psalmist comes with this plea of vindication. In the end, God will prove that our faith has been well placed. Now under the New Covenant we can be very assured that our faith in the Lord Jesus Christ is very well placed.

The psalmist envisioned God as Judge, taking his side in court against wicked men who had him in their power. We see the basis of this plea was in verse 2, “You are God my stronghold”

And yet the psalmist has a question that no doubt has been on our lips many times…”Why?” “Why must we suffer oppression?” “Why does He seem to reject us?”

Does this ring any bells for you? Feeling like this is common when troubles come our way. We wonder “Why?” this happens, or doesn’t happen. We might even question God’s commitment to us. Does He really care?

In fact, we will never understand the “why”. But the psalmist does have a solution which we see in verses 3-5.

The psalmist says to God, “send forth your light and your truth”. God’s light and truth, images here for His Word. “light and truth” do not necessarilary explain our troubles, but they do lead us back to God Himself. Verse 4, “Then I will go to the alter of God” the psalmist says, “and praise Him” – “to God, my joy and my delight”.

Isn’t that fantastic?

When you are hurting, what do you need most? Not answers, or even relief from the circumstances. What we need is to come into God’s presence. There we will find hope, and be able to offer praise.

In God there is hope.

Have a great Lord’s Day,

Peter Clark.


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  1. Thank you Peter. Just came home from the Baptism at Belmore Basin. How special to see 8 people obey the teaching of Jesus to be baptised. May each one come to know deep in their hearts the hope that they can offer this hurting world, because of Jesus.

    Hebrews 6:19

    Have you been Baptised? Why not???

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