Rich or Poor?

The New Testament passage set down for today is Mark 12:41-44, the well known passage of Jesus observing the widow making her offering to the Temple.
In the passage immediately prior to this one, Jesus was warning against the teachers of the Law who paraded themselves openly, whose prayers were a pious show and whose greed was so great they would “devour widow’s houses”, that is, take money from those who could ill afford to give it. Such men, Jesus said, will be “punished most severely”(v.40). In contrast to this Mark immediately reports this incident (today’s reading) in which Jesus praises the widow who freely placed her last coins in the treasury.

The setting of these accounts, side by side is staggering….the greedy man who always wanted more….and the poor widow, willing to give all that she had. The “great man” respected by all and the insignificant woman, held in high regard only by God.

Those of us reading this today may be neither rich or poor, but irrespective of our bank balance our choices are more than likely to be governed by the values expressed by one of these two.

Which of these two will you choose to be most like?

Have a great day,

Peter Clark.


2 thoughts on “Rich or Poor?

  1. Thanks Peter. Well if I’m honest I think I’m like both…… depends on when you catch me! I may well sometimes be generous sometimes and at other times selfish or self indulgent. In the words of Paul “what a wretched man I am”. It is good to constantly reflect on the heart……..”it’s always about the heart” I think Ian said that last night in his talk. At the end of the day I have to love the Lord more than my favourite person – me!

  2. Thank you Peter. I am reminded that Jesus sees everything I do. Its not important if others see but my heart should find both comfort and at times chastisment because of this. John Piper has a great teaching titled Clarifying Romans 7:14-25 – where Al got the quote from. But we have to remember that this expression is followed by Who will rescue me from this dying body? – v25 I thank God through Jesus Christ our Lord.

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