Deuteronomy 8-9:6                 Marl14:66-72

‘Don’t forget……….’ seems to be a phrase  we are using more often with each other these days!, and in both readings today that is the theme, eventhough it is frequently put more positively by Moses as REMEMBER!

Remember what wonderful things the Lord did for the people of Israel during the Exodus.

Remember God’s marvellous provision during the years of wilderness wanderings (food, water, clothing that didn’t wear out, guidance (pillar of cloud or fire when they had to move), protection and rules to live by.

Remember too the Lord’s severe discipline as a result of disobedience and disregard of those rules. (‘You shall have no other God’s but me.  Love the lord your God with ALL your heart.’)

Remember that the people who were conquered and destroyed were living lives that followed and worshipped other gods.

The reason for this reminder to remember was that God knew that when the people were successful and entered the promised land and became prosperous they may well forget and credit their success to their own doing!  Doesn’t this ring true for us today.  We are the lucky country, founded on Christian principles resulting in wealth, peace and prosperity for so many.  But have we too attributed our success to our own abilities and cleverness and no longer need God?  We have become a Godforgetful nation.                                                                                                                                          God would not tolerate disregard of his commands and standards for the Israelites perhaps we are in the same boat.  Can we hope to escape his judgement?

Peter remembered, but not in time!! Yes after denying Jesus, Peter remembered the words Jesus had spoken to him v72 and that remembrance brought him to tears.  Regular listening to Jesus’ words enables us to remember them.

May our remembering, both of God’s wonderful provision (not least our miraculous salvation) and an awareness of our own failures to live Jesus’ way, return us to him in thankfulness and trust.  How real is his grace for us right now as we are about to focus on the first coming of Christ, and as we wait hopefully for his return.

Let’s not forget.

Peter and Elizabeth


One thought on “DON’T FORGET

  1. Thank you Elizabeth and Peter. Its important to remember and to reflect on many things as a Christ follower. I never want to loose the wonder of my own salvation. Never take for granted that God open my eyes, mind and heart to understand the need to be born again. The danger for me is that I get so busy with life that I don’t give it a second thought. Thats where I find the Holy Spirit such an encouragement. When I ask Him to keep my salvation at the forefront of my mind I find that its in my thoughts more often than not.

    As I reflect on Peters denial I find myself asking how have I denied Jesus today? I had some unloving thoughts. I was impatient. I was fearful. I raised my voice to my daughter and its only 5.30pm!! But because I know I’m loved by God and when I ask for His help in changing my attitude He is faithful and washes me clean with the Blood of Christ that cleanses me from all unrighteousness. May we never forget the power of the Blood of Christ.

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