One who should be worshipped

Deuteronomy 12 and Mark 15:42-16:20 are our readings for today. The Mark passage is a collection of reasons of  why we should worship God – Jesus conquered sin and death, he rose again, he sent out his disciples to tell people about him, he was taken up to heaven and seated at the right hand of God. What an awesome, powerful, beautiful, wonderful God you are!

The Deuteronomy passage though gives many dos and don’ts in relation to how they must and mustn’t worship. We see God as a jealous God and the feeling of the 2nd commandment (you shall have no other gods) being very much reinforced. While many of the customs and instructions may appear irrelevant to us today there is a stark reminder that there are things that bring God pleasure and things he despises.

I’ve played a fair bit of music in my *cough* 34 young years. During different seasons a lot of it not necessarily playing worship music. I recently played a couple of shows with my old band called The Dawn Collective. Half the members weren’t believers and the songs weren’t necessarily coming from a Christian perspective. In the band’s heyday I was pouring everything into the success of that band and there was obviously a deep emotional connection to the music of the band. There was a certain satisfying feeling you would have after a good show. (Especially compared to the other cheesy wedding and corporate band stuff I was doing at the time)

I was profoundly struck after the recent reunion Dawn Collective gigs though that I no longer had that wonderful feeling walking of stage. Having primarily played worship music the last few years my own worship has been directed at Jesus (and rightly so). To then play music that doesn’t aim to see him glorified and magnified felt a bit empty and that there was something missing. It is an incredible privilege to lead people into singing praises to our God and for them to connect with the creator of all things. We must never take for granted the power of that. Reading through the end of Mark gives so much to be amazed, grateful, inspired, motivated about and we should respond in worship and obedience.

Music is my natural expression of worship but what are the things in your life that show your worship of Jesus? What are the things you are worshipping in His place?