Go tell it on the mountain

1 John 2:18-27
Deuteronomy 16:1-8

(Antescript: In an interesting coincidence all but one of today’s cross references were brought to you by the disciple John)

Jesus is divisive.

The end times are upon us. This is no time for half truths or “post truth”. No time for more palatable nativity scenes that feature bambi among elves instead of Jesus among the angels — lest the true divisive nature of the Gospel interrupt the consumers from their worship of Mammon. Make no mistake you are either FOR Christ or antichrist. Jesus said put your hand to the plough because there is no such thing as a coasting Christian. He is the vine, we are the branches and we are to abide in him. Abide in him or you will perish (John 15:5)! In Revelation Jesus spits the lukewarm church out of his mouth. John writes this warning to us so we won’t be deceived (1 John 2:26).

A note on “the antichrist”. Many Christians seek to identify the antichrist in a single person to be an object of fear and loathing, but I’m not convinced that it’s any more than a rumour the bible makes mention of. Indeed vs 18 says there are many antichrists and vs 19 equates them with people who left the true church. So it would seem that John (the only New Testament author who uses the term) is emphasising the division between those that are truly in Christ and those that are not despite their appearances. So about this fear, I wonder if it is not a projected fear of our own capacity for rebellion that we would rather not acknowledge as it seems to emanate from within us? Or is it simply less scary to watch out for one antichrist than one billion? John tells us what to watch out for, it is anyone who claims there is new truth that supercedes the original Gospel. There is no new Gospel. There is one saviour and He is from ancient times. In our times of “enlightened thinking” it will take sustained effort to hold on to traditional truths and we will no doubt be judged intolerant, however there is one judge over all eternity who wants you and I to remain true to him then reward us with the statement “well done good and faithful servant.”

Today is my final FDR because I am moving to Sydney. It has been a joy and a privilege to prayerfully seek to inspire you guys with biblical musings. Thanks for all your encouragement along the way! With a little sadness and much fondness, “see you ’round.”


Hyperlink: Take the anti-christ self quiz!



14 thoughts on “Go tell it on the mountain

  1. THANK YOU Matthew for all your
    “musings” , they will be missed. Enjoy Sydney , go well and God Bless.

  2. Matt I will miss your always insightful and challenging FDR’s. All the best for your next chapter in life in the big smoke!!! God Bless

  3. Thanks brother Matthew for your faithful service as an FDR blogger. I’ve enjoyed sharing this journey with you. I am sure our lord will continue to bless you wherever life takes you–yes, even in Sydney!

  4. Thanks Matthew for being part of the FDR community. I have always appreciated your insightful and often challenging posts. The antichrist quiz was interesting! I pray that you will continue to walk closely with our faithful Lord as you venture into this next exciting chapter.

    • Thanks Iris, yes an exciting new chapter. Glad I found something fun to link to in my final post. I look forward to seeing this community grow from a distance. All the best and hope to cross paths again soon.

  5. Thanks Matthew. Your company on this part of our shared journey here and previously at Parish Council has been helpful and challenging in our Lord. May you be blessed as you continue with our Lord on His straight path. Glenn.

  6. Thank you Matt for your thoughts and fellowship. May God bless and use you as you move to Sydney. We will miss you

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