Today’s reading is Luke 1:39-56. In it we see Elizabeth’s inspired prophetic exclamation greeting Mary’s arrival. This is not just a woman’s intuition, one expectant mother’s interpretation of another’s pregnancy, but a revelation of deep truth by the Holy Spirit – known, all of a sudden, with certainty and proclaimed with a shout!

Elizabeth confesses Mary’s honoured role, the Lordship of Mary’s unborn baby the Messiah, the connection between Elizabeth’s and Mary’s unborn children which would be played out in adulthood, and commends Mary’s faith and trust in accepting of God’s message and will.

Mary’s response exemplifies her humble, faithful relationship with God. It is no less inspired by the Holy Spirit. While Luke records Mary’s response as spoken (“and Mary said“), it has been known for centuries as Mary’s song, or the Magnificat. I thought you might find a refreshing way to reflect on Mary’s response is by listening to it in song. As you do, may your soul magnify the Lord. May your spirit rejoice in God, our Saviour.




2 thoughts on “Magnificat

  1. Thx James. I wonder what the two of them talked about for the 3 months they were together – two pregnant women supporting each other, what their boys would turn out like. Little did they the know where the Fathers will would lead both Jesus and John. I would have loved to hear their conversation.

  2. Thank you James. There is much in Mary’s song that the believer can also say with a sincere heart. A life thats been changed by Jesus will also be able to say;

    My soul proclaims the greatness of the Lord,
    And my spirit has rejoiced in God my Saviour.

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