Better than Godspell

On this Christmas eve our readings are: Isaiah 40:1-5 Luke 1:67-80

I am sure most of you are pretty familiar with Godspell from the early 70’s. I suppose the signature song from that musical is “Prepare ye the Way” which more or less echoes vs3 from Isaiah 40

I assume the fountain thing is a pointer to baptism???

although I do like the way the message puts it:

Thunder in the desert!
    “Prepare for God’s arrival!
Make the road straight and smooth,
    a highway fit for our God.

The prophet John…..the child miraculously given to the barren Elizabeth and Zechariah, the one who is about 6 months older than Jesus is to announce His coming and also preach a baptism of repentance.

John is a wild kind of guy. He lives in the desert wearing strange clothes and lives on a less than ordinary diet. Some scholars suspect his parents died when he was relatively young and had no one to look after him

John is much more than just a warm up act for the messiah – the lord Jesus. John indeed does prepare for “God’s arrival” in the person of Jesus with his preaching but also points to Jesus as someone far greater than himself (see chapter3 for that) – someone to take notice of

Zechariah knows exactly what’s going on. He has been mute since he doubted the angels proclamation to him in Luke1:20 concerning the conception of John. The first thing he says as his tounge has been loosed is to prophesy over the role his son will have.

John will be “a prophet of the most high” – Jesus is the “son of the most high”

God has poured his Spirit upon Zechariah so he sees the salvation of the Lord coming as promised in Isaiah.

Today and tomorrow at Christmas services may we all see the fulfillment of the Lords promise to bring comfort and salvation to His people. May we all celebrate that exuberantly.

Have a great time with friends and family as you do.