It’s Christmas – let’s meet the king (Luke 2.1-8) 

Merry Christmas, happy holidays, seasons greetings, happy festivus, happy merriment and warm wishes for social acceptable overindulgence day. So much happening today – what’s it’s all about. 

In Luke’s gospel we see two intersecting stories. 

The first is of Caesar Augustus who makes a decree for a census of the whole roman world. This is a sizeable task and one where people need to go back to their home towns to fulfill the census. With a little imagination we can have a go at seeing why Caesar would do this. For reasons of organisation and reasons of seeing how big his rulership had become. To see how great he had become because of the size of what he ruled. A census to measure his greatness by. 

The second story that intersects is that of a family travelling to Bethlehem for a child to be born. A baby born to Mary and in the line of David, the royal line. This baby to be born had a miraculous conception and has a miraculous future. This baby is someone significant. He is unlike any baby ever born. He is God become man that all creation would be redeemed as his. This baby is God showing his greatness. His greatness is not found in how much he has but in how much he was willing to give up for others. 
One king shows his greatness by counting all that he rules

Another king shows his greatness by making himself nothing

At Christmas we remember the king who came to us that we and all creation might be his. A blessed people and a renewed creation. A king who does not Lord over us but Lords among us. 

His greatness is not found in the amount of those he rules but the way in which he rules. God become baby, king become servant that all might change. 

Happy Jesus birthday – for this day we celebrate the king we have always needed coming to us

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