Moved By The Spirit.

Our Faithful Daily Read passages for today are Deuteronomy 19 and Luke 2 verses 21 to 40. The Deuteronomy passage relates to us the Cities of Refuge for people to escape to and find safety in. In Luke 2 we find two people spending time in the Temple for the arrival of the long awaited Messiah, who of course, is our eternal refuge.
For today, I would like to focus on the Luke passage.

On the 40th day after his birth, Joseph and Mary take Jesus to the temple to offer the sacrifice required by Mary for purification after childbirth(v.24). It was while they were there that the Holy Spirit caused two aged saints to identify Jesus as the promised Messiah.

While the incidents serve as historical evidence, they would have had very special meaning to Mary and Joseph. Very shortly after this, Matthew tells us, the couple were forced to take the Baby Jesus and flee the country. The memory of every unusual word regarding their child, Jesus, must have really encouraged Joseph and Mary in their time ahead.

When you think of it…many of God’s most unusual works are performed for the comfort of His (God’s) people, rather than for some great theological purpose. Here, for example, God comforted four people: Simeon and Anna near the end of their lives, and Joseph and Mary at the beginning of a difficult period in theirs.

The very personal purposes seen here encourage us to expect the Lord to care for us just as well – and to meet our needs. What a great LORD and Saviour we have!

Isn’t that a great reminder?

Have a great day,

Peter Clark.