Best wishes

Deut 24.   1 John 5:13-21

What did you wish for this Christmas? Young readers would excitedly rattle off a list of must haves and would likes. The more mature may, after some thought, note time with family, peace or some pudding.Even as the frantic bustle of Christmas fades, we keep wishing. Wishing this year would be a good one. Wishing some relationships would be easier. Wishing the job problem would resolve.Wishing my health would improve. Wishing 2017 would not be as busy, hard,tiring as last year. Wishing the fighting in Syria would end, the fighting in politics, the media, families and in individual minds would just stop.

John tells us that this world is controlled by the evil one (v19).It is full of things we  wish it wasn’t .  John has been telling his readers the amazing truth that God’s Son has brought us eternal life. Bigger and better than any wish – abundant , forgiving, life changing Grace.

John is writing  to those who believe in the Son of God. Belief is not merely  wishful thinking. He wants us to know what we have, and live accordingly. We can know for certain, now that we have life eternal (v13), that we can approach God confidently in prayer, knowing he hears us (v15), that we won’t, in an ongoing way deliberately keep sinning (v18) and that we are God’s children- with all that that means (v19).

It doesn’t mean we no longer live in this broken world, and experience all its hurt, but while we do that, we know Him, and are in Him – Jesus – the true God and eternal life (20).

This truth should bring to us the joy and peace, yes and the excitement that Christmas did to the young, and our maturing, our living in this fallen world, should not shake our belief in and experience of Jesus, and all that a relationship with Him, by grace, brings.It’s better than we could wish for.