Plain speaking.

Today’s (Su 08/01/2017) FDR is Psalm 49 and can be read here by clicking on this link.

Often what we read or is spoken is couched in terms, phrases and messages that may not get the message across to those who are meant to hear or read.   Sometimes this happens with what we read or hear in a sermon or from a sister or brother.

Sometimes we want to be deaf to what we are meant to understand.  Sometimes we don’t have the capacity to understand. Jesus teaches us that this is the case with non-believers.  It also happens with we Christians when we need to learn something about our Lord and what He’s trying to teach us about Himself.

As I tried to prepare to write today’s blog in the last week the thrust and sense of Psalm 49 remained foggy to me until Saturday when I read a commentary that summarised the purpose of the parts and highlighted the central pieces.

Here in the middle of this doom and gloom, death and peril, dying and going to hell, v7 and v15, and v12 and v20, disclose the theme of this Psalm and tie it together.

So we see the limits of wealth and the salvation of God described.

You might like to try reading Psalm 49 again just to feel its simple and clear message.

Glenn M