Live lives worthy of what you have been called to

Titus 3 is a wonderful reminder of what God has done in rescuing us from death and the wages of sin. In saving us He called us to no longer continue in the old ways of life. We are washed clean, a new person because we have the Holy Spirit living in us. We now have a relationship with God. Our lives and the focus of them – on honouring and glorifying Him – are restored to the way God intended.

In response to this, Paul instructs Titus to remind the people (that is, us) to live lives that are worthy of our calling. In this passage I see three character traits I am being asking to focus on:

  1. Respecting authority (vv1-2). Its easy to criticise politicians and those in authority. But remember that they were put there by God. Don’t be critical of them. Their job is hard enough as it is and they are trying to do their best. Where possible, try to lend them a helping hand by supporting them.
  2. Make courtesy and generosity a hallmark of your character. Jesus was always courteous to those in authority, even though he disagreed with them frequently. He was also known for His generosity to all people, especially those who were outcasts.
  3. Concentrate of the essentials that are good for growing in godliness (vv8-11). These is my opinion are the very things that Jesus focused on during His life on earth. Being humble, generous, and always trying to point people towards God and His love for them.

Make these things the focus of your day today and may God be with you as you do.