Maybe Solomon knew what he was talking about

Two fairly different readings today are Proverbs 5, Heb 9:1-15 (ESV and Message parallel)

In Proverbs the writer most probably Solomon is giving a strong warning and almost a plea against adultery. Now one thing Solomon knew about and that is women. He had 700 wives and 300 concubines. In 1Kings11 you can read how his love for foreign women led him astray from the Lord.Here though he entreats his male readers (sons) to flee from the adulterous woman. Her words may be enticing and her presence pleasurable but she will lead you to death. At the end of your life you will realise the truth and wisdom of what Solomon says but you did not listen when you were young and you avoided discipline and correction.

Sexual sin is pleasurable that’s obvious (most sin usually is in the short term) but the long term damage and regret is huge.

For some as you read this you do so with a sense of regret because you have been involved in similar sexual sin. For some you may even be contemplating such a thing. For many though there is a pious view that “it couldn’t happen to me” That may be true and by God’s grace I hope it is. But…..

As one older guy once said to me; sometimes it is more a matter of lack of opportunity than Godly resilience. How strong would you stand if the opportunity was there, and it was easy?

Also recall the sobering words of Jesus when he spoke of lusting after a woman as being the same as committing adultery in your heart.He also spoke of hating your brother in the same way as murdering him.

Find your sexual delight with one woman and remember nothing escapes the eyes of the Lord (vs21)

Like most sin it comes down to choice – Gods way or my way, my pleasure, my wants. Father God give us the desire and power by your spirit to be steadfast in this area of our lives. Guard our hearts and minds.

And of course with this sin and indeed all others, the blood of Christ purifies us from all unrighteousness – (sort of the Hebrews reading)

Go well.




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  1. Thanks Al. A good reminder. There is grace available for those in sexual sin. Jesus loves you.

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