PROVERBS 12:12-28

Did you notice today how important our words are?  Many of us chatter about all sorts of things but we need to remember that what we say MATTERS to God because it reflects who we are and supports or destroys our profession of faith in Almighty God. Perhaps you noticed that God hates 

sinful talk v13                                       

hurtful comments  v18

lying  v19 & 22

but He delights in 

truth v17  v19  v22

wise words v18

encouragement of others v 15, v25

Today’s reading from Proverbs is a clear reminder to use our conversations to build each other up – knowing that our WORDS come from our thoughts ie our true inner self.  We are reminded that being aware of this means we are walking/living ‘ in the way of righteousness …….. the path to immortality.’


HEBREWS 13:20-25

When we pray we mostly use words!

What do we wish for?  What better wish and thus prayer could we have for our family, friends, church leaders than the prayer ending the letter to the Hebrews, v20-21?  I have just been challenged to pray this way fo those groups of folk.

We all need the Holy Spirit to ‘equip’ us to do God’s will and to behave and work in ways that are ‘pleasing’ to Him.

I don’t know about you, but I find myself, like St Paul, ‘doing the evil I do not want to do, and I do not do the good I want to do’. Romans 7:19  so what a comfort and encouragement it would be if we were regularly praying this Hebrews blessing for each other.  It is easy and normal to pray for health, safety and success for our children and friends, they are vaid prayers, but ultimately it is our behaviour,  (that is allowing Christlikeness to be our main characteristic and theirs), that is most precious in God’s sight. We certainly all need His enabling for this to happen.

May God help us to trust the power of prayer and walk in His ways this week.

Peter and Elizabeth Smart