Psalm 54

Today’s FDR is Psalm 54

What I love about this Psalm is David’s response to persecution.

First he prays (v2), putting the situation before God as he sees it – being attacked by ‘arrogant foes’ and ‘ruthless people’ (v3)

Second, he recalls the character of God – helper, sustainer, faithful (v4-5)

Finally, he states what he will do… Praise the name of God and trust in him and his character (v6-7).

It is a helpful model for all of us when we are faced with uncertain circumstances, persecution, sickness and difficulty. Pray, remember God’s character, trust in him.


2 thoughts on “Psalm 54

  1. Thank you Steve. When reading this Psalm I was reminded of 3 other times in the Bible where believers brought their burden or troubles to the Lord. One Paul when he asked God to remove the thorn in his side and God chose not to remove it but told him that His grace would be sufficient 2 Cor 12. For in Pauls weakness Gods Power would reveal itself. The 2nd was Hannah in 1 Samuel 1. Her husbands other wife Peninnah who was a constant torment to Hannah. Hannah too brought her pain to God and God healed her heart but He didn’t remove Peninnah. The 3rd was David when everything had gone pear shaped and his men wanted to kill him . The bible tells us that David encouraged himself in the Lord 1 Samuel 30. We are blessed that we can bring our burdens and pain to God but He doesn’t always answer to how we might want Him to. May we too find peace for our souls by trusting that His Grace is enough. We can be honest to God its the only way. If you don’t know the character of God study Jesus. Jesus said,” If you’ve seen Me, then you have seen the Father”.

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