More Wisdom to be Pondered

Proverbs 17:1-16

These expressions of practical wisdom are for meditation and incorporation in daily living. There is no substitute for quiet and prayerful reflection over each verse viewed in the light of the revelation given us in the person of the Lord Jesus.

Perhaps verse 6 needs to be seen as an encouragement for us who may be older to pray for our children and grandchildren.

Life in the Fellowship of the Redeemed

James 5:13-20

Prayer and praise are the warp and woof of living as the people of God. Neither is life in the fellowship a solitary existence. It is to be lived out in the embrace of a warm and sympathetic fellowship which can hear, help, and assist in healing. Prayer, both with others and alone, is a wonderful access to our Heavenly Father. Elijah’s experience is a great encouragement.

Verses 19 and 20 are a reminder of the obligation of love we all have to one another and particularly to any who may appear to be wandering from the truth. The need to care for one another in this regard is serious but can have wonderful consequences


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  1. Thank you Harry. Far too often the pastor is informed about a crisis concerning a backslider because no one in the congregation has bothered to do anything. No intervention! This is something that we are all supposed to do. And something that I think we can do better. Looking out for one another. Its family. Family look out for each other. Backsliding is a gradual thing. Nobody wakes up one day and decide to be a backslider!! We too are called to cover the sins of a backslider. Not tell others in a ‘prayer chain” or blatant gossip. After all if its the goodness of God that leads us to repentance why should we show anything less. We all need people to share our journey with. Safe people. Dead Sea people. That when something is shared it doesn’t flow out!!
    Elijah is a great encouragement. He has incredible highs and terrible lows, but God heard his prayer.

    I love the book of James. It the “HOW TO DO THE CHRISTIAN WALK”. It is where the rubber hits the road. Hopefully by studying James we have matured in our walk and desired to continue to grow and mature as a body of believers.

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