Be prepared in attitude

Proverbs 19: 21-29, 1 Peter 4:1-11

The context of today’s reading in Peter follows on from I Peter 3:18 – Christ died / suffered in the body physically, the righteous for the unrighteous.

Because of this, Peter is exhorting us to be prepared in our thinking to have the same attitude. “believers are to be prepared also to suffer unjustly, and to face such abuse with Christ’s attitude – with the willingness to suffer for doing good.(NIV text note)

The receivers of Peters letter were once pagans…..joining in the sinful activities with  great eagerness with everyone else.

Now though as Christ followers they do not. For this they receive heaps of abuse from their once buddies who don’t understand that their lives have been transformed because of Christ. These same “friends”may even be the ones who are causing the suffering. I’m sure at times these believers struggled with their old way of life, battled with their flesh and even a desire to rejoin their friends.- See Connie’s comments yesterday

But Peter goes on vs7 with another exhortation – ”anticipating the end times particularly Christs return, should influence believers attitudes, actions and relationships” (NIV text note).  Peter now calls all his readers to administer God’s grace in its various form – quite in contrast to their previous lifestyles.Do whatever you do, whatever gifts you have, whatever you’re good at, to the glory of Christ!





4 thoughts on “Be prepared in attitude

  1. Thank you Al. I cannot understand why anybody who has encountered the grace and mercy of Christ, who has truly grasped all that Christ has done for them personally and has the Holy Spirit living in them would be in the slightest bit interested in going back to what they did before receiving forgiveness. Only that little by little they let down their guard and allowed sin to gain a foothold in their life. Not having the discipline to take captive every thought and submitting it to the obedience of Christ. Maybe this is why in these last days we are seeing so many Christians falling into sin and falling away from the faith. Apostasy. It was never a genuine conversion in the first place. Only God knows who is saved. We see on the outside but God looks upon the heart.

    I think its healthy for the believer to always remember who he/she was before encountering Jesus. Like Paul (1 Tim 1:13) I was a blasphemer of God. I lived an ungodly lifestyle. To say that, ” Christ came into the world to save sinners – and I am the worst of them” should be the norm for the saved believer.

    When you receive abuse from those who knew you before you were saved, somehow God gives to you the grace to endure. This is only something that you understand if you have experienced it. Unfortunately most Christians haven’t experienced any form of abuse because they are lukewarm!!!

  2. As always thx for your response and thoughts Connie. I pretty much agree with you except the view that “it wasn’t a genuine conversion in the first place” I think my take on it is that they have known and walked away from the truth….and that is a very scary place to be. “They will never be snatched out of my hand” is a promise to me that means the protection from external powers, Satan and his evil forces robbing you of your salvation…..but the Lord will not prevent you from walking away (jumping out of His hand so to speak) if that’s what you choose.
    I accept there has always been argument over the “once a Christian always a Christian” viewpoint………and there probably always will be. As you say for many though it is little by little sin gains a foothold eventually ending in turning your back on Christ. I certainly have friends in my past (and i’m sure you and most others do too) that are on this road. I pray that God will arrest them, spectacularly if He has to….to bring them back. That may take most of their lifetime….and maybe not at all. It doesn’t bear thinking about.

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