Blackest darkness

2 Peter 2. Prov 22: 1-16.

Stern words indeed today for any who might be a false teacher. Peter, the Shepherd, warns his flock of the dangers of those promoting destructive heresies. He seems to have specifics in mind, noting those carousing and feasting with them, as being lustful, seductive and greedy (v 14). Peter reminds them of God’s judgement of the ungodly (v 4-10), and the blackest darkness reserved for them (v 17). The danger fake teachers pose is real – enticing people back into slavery (v 18,19).

While you may not be able to name a false teacher you’ve seen carousing after church,  we are well aware of the impact  of false teachers ‘bringing the way of truth into disrepute’ . (v 2). Also, perhaps not being able to name a specific teacher, we may allow false teachers into our lives, into our homes and onto our screens. With the touch of a button we can permit movies, TV, Google or Facebook to entangle us, and to deny our Lord (v 1). What would Peter say to his flock today?

The evilness in being a false teacher, or of being seduced by destructive heresies is in the denial it brings of the sovereign Lord, who bought us. Denying who He is and what he has done. We belong to Him – His love, His sacrifice, His Spirit breathe life into our dead souls. His supreme price declares our worth to Him,  His unfathomable love for us. We are bought. We are His.

Look to your Lord today, not to false imitations.



2 thoughts on “Blackest darkness

  1. Thank you Philip. Did you know that you don’t know when you are being deceived?? Its an interesting thought. Nobody says to themselves,”Im being deceived,” then continues on in that deception. Whist being deceived you don’t know that this is happening. How do we protect ourselves from deception?? Know your Bible. Not just a head knowledge but put into practice what you read. Then as you become obedient in small things God opens up your mind to understand greater things and so on and so on. This is also a role that The Holy Spirit helps us in. He leads us into all truth. We must be sensitive to His leading. We know Gods Word, the Spirit leads us into truth. Its a relationship thing.

    We are warned that in later times (now) that if possible even Gods chosen ones will be deceived – Matthew 24;24. There are mega churches who manage to fill up very large halls because the preacher is telling them what their itching ears want to hear. Others are too afraid to preach repentance worried that this may offend the hearers. Well the message of the cross does offend!!! We must pray for our leaders that they will be bold in proclaiming the whole of Gods message. Especially as Easter is coming up and hearers may hear that its the ugliness of our sin that put Jesus on the cross but it was His love for us that kept Him there.

  2. Thank you for this warning. May God in his mercy keep us in the truth of the gospel

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