A Steadfast Heart Taking Refuge In A Great God.

The Reading for today is Psalm 57. The Reading traces the secret of David’s commitment to the Lord. David refused an opportunity to kill Saul, choosing instead to trust God to fulfil His purpose in his life.
David was hiding in a cave when Saul entered that same cave relieve himself. David’s men saw it as a God given opportunity for David to rid himself of an enemy and claim the throne God had promised to David (1 Sam 24). But David refused to touch Saul, whom God had anointed King over Israel. Rather than an opportunity to kill Saul, David saw a God given opportunity to do what was godly and right. This Psalm conveys David’s spiritual secret – the secret of his freedom to do what he knew was right.
One of the aspects of this secret was David’s a ability to take REFUGE in the Lord. Read verses 1-5 again. What does it mean to take refuge in the Lord? What does it mean for us? David shows us. It means to pray in the confidence that the Lord will fulfil “His purpose” for us, and that He will “send from heaven” and saves us.
David chose to wait for God to act, sure that God would accomplish His purpose in David’s life. David did not have to do wrong, for God would bring him to the Lord’s intended goal. This was David’s spiritual secret. He knew there was no need to do wrong, however great the pressure, for God would surely bless David and bring him to the throne in God’s own time.
You and I too can have this kind of confidence in God. When pressures tempt us to seek relief by doing wrong, we can pray to a God who will never let His purpose in our lives fail.
We can see David’s second secret in verses 6-10. He says, “My heart is steadfast”. Despite David’s many enemies, his heart remained steadfast. David meant here that he maintained an unshakable trust in God.
It was many years before David’s promised Kingship became a reality, but all through those years David maintained a steadfast trust in God’s love and in God’s faithfulness. That steadfast trust enabled David to sing praises even during the years of waiting and uncertainty.
What would your Psalm 57 read like?

Have a great day,

Peter Clark.