Encouragement, New and Old – What changes?

Today’s (Mo 06/03/2017) FDR is Proverbs 23:22-35 and Jude 1:17-25

We have all been told we live in a new year and yet two months after the event we still type 2016 for our date!  Yes we should be writing or typing 2017!

As I begin to delve into some study of the New Testament Greek language I learn again of the previous writing methods.  Perhaps you learnt about quills and feathers, about scrolls made from skins and parchments, about clay and chalk, about stone tablets and pottery?  You probably were even told about fountain pens and journals.  Some of us, of which I’m one, learned to write with pencils and rubbers, (now called erasers), then went on to take notes with fountain pens and early biros, called Bics after their manufacturer.

I’m told that early Greek records of the New Testament books were hand written in capital letters!  For some of we called this printing to define the different form of writing from running writing or perhaps more correctly script.

All of this in just a short few years, on our human timescale.

Both of our passages today describe in current language the long term truths of living in a world of apparent truth and evil.  Of living in a world that seems to repeat the same mistakes as it has in years gone before.  No; repeating the same mistakes as centuries have gone before.

Our Proverbs passage presents us with three sayings promoting some wise behaviour and avoiding some sinful behaviours.  At first glance the wise behaviours seem mundane and the sinful somewhat.  But if we put on our Daniel chapter 5 perspective, the one that Ron (Irving) challenged us with in the Figtree morning services yesterday, then this passage is part of the obedient life we want to live before our Almighty God.(1)

Also, from yesterday’s FDR, we will see the heart of a man of God who chose not to take the “opportunity of a lifetime” to kill the man harassing him, but who chose to allow Saul to leave the shared cave and so wait on God to provide David with his God-promised kingship. (David and Saul.)

Our second passage from Jude describes much of our challenges to live as Christians today.  At first to persevere against those who do not have the Spirit.  To seek to help our sisters and brothers to walk with Our Lord, building ourselves up in the process.  To seek to bring others to a saving knowledge of Christ and to do so carefully.

Probably the gift in this passage is the beautiful blessing (or doxology) and active commitment of ourselves to our Father’s protection that occurs in the last two verses.

Take a moment to pray this prayer for yourself and your family and friends.  Perhaps you’d prefer to sing it.  Here’s one YouTube(2) example: Now unto Him

Christians in many different churches and groups use this blessing in their parting at their service’s end.


(1) Ron’s 10am sermon yesterday will be available here shortly: Ron’s Sermon
under the heading Daniel – Here I stand

(2)  The example of the doxology mentioned in this blog has been
provided by direct link from YouTube