Thank God For Grace

The two readings for today are Proverbs 27:1-11 and Romans 5:12-21. I am going to focus on the Romans passage and hopefully, help each of us have a fresh vision of the marvellous grace of God.

The whole passage contrasts Adam and Jesus, each of whom put in place the future of all those living in the time they lived. Adam initiated the epoch of sin, and all who descended from him have found themselves trapped in a morass of sin and death. Jesus initiated the epoch of grace, and all who trace their relationship to Christ are freed from sin, to be righteous and to live righteously.

Take the time to consider some of the difference brought out in this chapter – and rejoice – because you have been adopted into the family of the Son whom God loves.

In verse 12 Adam introduced death. In verse 15 Christ introduces grace, righteousness (v.17), life (v.17).

In verse 16 through Adam, we see “men” are condemned. Through Christ “men” are given righteousness.

In verse 19 through Adam, all are made sinners. Through Christ we are given life and are justified (v.21).

Judgment is a consequence of Adam’s life (v.16). Grace is a consequence of Christ’s life (v.21).

Through Adam all are subject to death (v.17). Through Christ, many are bright to eternal life (v.19).

With Adam there is disobedience (v.19). With Christ there is obedience (v.19).

The Grace of God abounds. Rejoice in it.

Have a great day,


Peter Clark.