Who are the Wise?

“Who are the Wise?”

Proverbs 28:12-28

To select any one of these statements about wise and appropriate behaviour would be to ignore the others and do a disservice to the reader.

The whole passage is to be read, and each expression of wisdom and proper behaviour to be considered thoughtfully.

For those of us who live in a reasonably affluent society verse 27 needs to be taken seriously.

“Saved by The Lord Jesus Christ and not by The Law”

Romans 7:1-25

Go through any reasonable theological library’s collect of commentaries on Romans, or any list of Christian Convention addresses, and you will find a virtual mountain of material on this chapter. So the following comments are inevitably sketchy. I apologise.

Here are some thoughts on this important chapter.

1. The chapter focus on The Law, the Torah, the OT Law, not just law in general.

2. Verses 4-6, express the situation of the believer. In Christ, that person has passed beyond the Law for his or her relationship with God. They are in Christ and have God’s Spirit.

3. In what follows I am impressed with the idea that the “I” of these verses does not refer so much just to Paul as and individual, but, in a fashion not uncommon at the time, the singular “I” was a way of saying something more general. This is what a sensitive and conscientious Jew would experience.

4. The Law, though given by God and good, was not the problem, “sin” was, and is, the problem. The Law, in the end, was not a saving instrument for the sons and daughters of Israel because they were the children of Adam and sinners. Before The Law they all became helpless and guilty.

5. Salvation, and new life, however is God’s gift to fallen humans in and through Jesus: see verse 25 and the contents of chapter 8.

6. The believers use of The Law can be seen in Romans 13:8ff