Read, Mark, Learn, and Inwardly Digest

Read, Mark, Learn, and Inwardly Digest

Proverbs 29:1-14

As I said yesterday, these words are to be a regular diet for reflection and meditation. So I encourage you to do that with these 14 verses.


No Condemnation for Those in Christ.

Romans 8:1-17

By the grace and mercy of God, Christ and God’s Spirit are the answer to the problem of our sin. In Christ, there is now no condemnation.

Sinful flesh cannot lead us into life with God. Our calling is to accept what God freely offers us in Christ and to live subsequently by His word and life-giving Spirit.

That means we no longer seek to live out of the desires and energies of our old self but look to God and his Spirit for a life of love and obedience. We call upon God as “Father” whose heirs we are, and thus we are “fellow heirs with Christ”, and as such, we suffer with him in this world looking to share with him in his glory in God’s new age.