A new book and a visiting schedule

Today’s (Fr 31/03/2017) FDR is taken from 1 Chronicles 1 and Romans 15:22-33


The book of Chronicles largely provides a picture of times during David’s reign and how the reign of Solomon and David  was a period of united monarchy.   However, to reach these records the authors have spent considerable effort in listing the genealogy from Adam to David.  This genealogy occupies mostly the first nine chapters but the description of the times stretches from book 1 into book 2.

Often we find genealogies boring and of little interest.  Yet it has been suggested to me that these are an opportunity to observe and prayerfully give thanks for the careful detail our Almighty God has gone to link the first family with the family of Christ our Savour.  We are linked to Adam!  All the promises made to the Israel of old, and the new Israel of Christ’s saving grace (including the Gentiles of the New Testament) are ours too.

Holding these thoughts in mind, I was not surprised to have the same person recommend that the best way to treat these genealogies is to pray my way through them giving our Lord thanks for his provision of these men and women as ancestors of the New Covenant.

Our recent reading in the book of Ruth shows us another example of how God intervened in a refugee’s life so that Ruth became part of the lineage, or ancestors of David and later Jesus.

Can I encourage you to pray over these names as we read together through these genealogical lists each day?

A Busy Schedule

Paul is headed for Rome via Judea where he wants to leave the financial gifts given by the church in Illyricum.   His staging point of Rome is because he’s aware of some house churches there. His close friends and partners in the Gospel, Aquila and Priscilla had returned there to continue their ministry.  Then on to Spain to spread the word of God and encourage others to become part of the persuasive argument for men and women to become Christians.

A busy Christian, amongst other Christians, working for the continued extension of the Gospel to all parts of the world.  Notice in verses 30 – 32 Paul expresses some of his concerns about how the work he is doing will go.  Just like you and I concerned about the day to day things as we strive to serve God in all we do.

A Prayer – Heavenly Father, we too look to serve you in what we do so that your name might be glorified and brothers and sisters are added to the number of people who know our Lord Jesus as their personal saviour.  Father, guide us and encourage us to do your will in our lives, and to be courageous enough to speak to others of your great love and the complete atonement for sin available through Jesus Christ.  Lord, show us how we can serve our fellow members of your church and be an encouragement and support for those in difficulty, much as Paul was able to do. Almighty God, we ask these things in the name of Jesus, our saviour. Amen.

Reminder – Tomorrow, Saturday 01/04/2017, from 7am to 9am is the monthly Figtree Community Prayer meeting in the Foyer of the church.  We encourage you to join us and pray for those things God places on your heart.