My Refuge

Psalm 61

As you meditate on this psalm of prayerful trust in God and longing for His presence, remind yourself that God is our rock – we are fragile, shifting and brief. Remind yourself that He is much higher than us; something we may forget in practice as we pursue our important daily priorities and goals.

He does hear our cry, He does listen to our prayers – that’s who He is. And we are formed to depend on Him – that’s who we are. Dependent. When we are desperate, when our own resources are exhausted, we know we have nowhere to go but to God. We experience that dependence in a way we don’t when all is going well.

“You have been my refuge”-  Not merely an acknowledged, intellectual belief; but in  experience. God has shown Himself a refuge in the walk of faith. ( I knew there was a hut there- it was on the map – but the relief I felt when it became a refuge from the wind, rain, cold, hunger and exhaustion was something else!)

Do you refuge in God? He made us for that. We long for security  and permanence, He gives us that. We should have hearts that are humble and trusting.

As David prayed and wrote the words of this Psalm, so Jesus prayed and fulfilled them, so we can pray the same words, knowing God has answered all these longings in Jesus; securing our refuge in God, sheltering us from all our foes.

Praising God now and forever! As David ends his psalm, let us start our day.