Families, old and new

Today’s (Th 06/04/2017) FDR passages are 1 Chronicles 6 and 1 Corinthians 4.

How are you going with praying through each of the Chronicles chapters that provide a genealogy?  ( I suggested this last week as a way to give thanks to God for these ancient people who connect us to the first family and subsequently the church of Christ.)

Whatever your answer, this chapter 6 provides a different picture.  Here are the worship and priestly families carrying out the most sacred tasks to lead worship and to intercede with God for the people of Israel. Also too  here is a partial picture of worship in David’s and Solomon’s reigns.

These first 15 verses are significant because they link the ancestors of Levi and Aaron, through Zadok to Jehozadak and God’s sending of the people with Jehozadak into exile in Babylon.  This will remind you of God’s promises, that were carried out in the exile, to bring judgement on Israel in its sin and unfaithfulness before God.

Yesterday, Peter (Clark) pointed out to us how Paul chides the Corinthians and this chiding continues in today’s New Testament reading as Paul goes on to deride those who have puffed themselves up. That is, to hold themselves as more important and more of a Christian than they really are.

Timothy is being sent to the Corinthians to carry out a form of remedial teaching.  Paul’s anger at their behaviour shows as finally he asks if he should bring a stick when he comes to them (v21) or a spirit of gentleness.

What are we to conclude?

The ancient family, Israel, was sent away into exile because it could not serve and honour God faithfully.  The new covenant family is to be punished too for becoming ‘puffed up’ and against one another.

Do we understand that God is a God of judgement and punishment in the face of our sinfulness?  Do we understand that God expects us to be obedient to Him and follow the teaching of the Apostles whom Jesus chose to commission?

What do you understand God expects of you and I?

May the Lord show us all where we have fallen down so that we may seek His forgiveness and mercy and walk in His paths.