Faith based on promises kept

Today’s Reading 1 Chronicles 17 and 1 Corinthians 11:2-16

Has God ever answered your prayers with an emphatic “NO”. David certainly knew the feeling.

David – A prayer answered with promises made.

In the reading from 1 Chronicles 17 this morning we read how David, moved by the fact that the temple had yet to be built in Jerusalem, asked God for permission to build it. The answer from God through the prophet Nathan was a clear “No”. Instead God’s answer to David took for the form of a promise:

  • That his son would build the temple (not him)
  • That he would have a descendant that would reign over a kingdom that would last forever!

Daniel – A prayer unanswered and promises made.

Our church has just finished a teaching series on Daniel. Coincidentally 42 teenagers, 6 of their leaders and a handful of house parents attended a weekend of worship, teaching and fellowship with 2000 other teenagers from across NSW at KYCK17 in Katoomba, where we received teaching on the book of Daniel.

Separated by distance and time, we read in Chapter 10 how Daniel, like David, was moved to pray to God, this time for the rebuilding of God’s temple in Jerusalem (the temple that David’s son Soloman built!)

In a similar way to the answer to David’s prayer in 1 Chronicles 17, God’s answer is unexpected. In Daniel 11 and 12 God responds in a vision with a very specific list of kings and world events that would ensue before God would rebuild his kingdom – not the restoration of the old template in Jerusalem that Daniel had asked for – but the final victory over sin and death and the coming of the true King who would raise His people from death to eternal life.

Faith based on promises kept.

Both David and Daniel receiving amazing and unexpected promises from God as a result of their prayers – yet neither of these me saw these promises fulfilled.

We did!

We know that God fulfilled the promise the David and his son Solomon did build the temple. We know that a king did rise from David’s line and his kingdom will last forever: Jesus. We can trace the line of Kings in Daniel 11 to figures in Ancient history, from Alexander the Great to King Herod – and we know that God made the final atonement in the death of Jesus on the cross – as promised to Daniel 500 years before it happened,

In the words of one of the speakers at KYCK on the weekend

“We do not have a faith based on promises made – We have a faith based on promises kept!” Brett Middleton, KYCK17,

We know that God has delivered on his extraordinary promises to these two Old Testament Saints – and we know that God will deliver on his promise to us – to save us from God’s wrath through the atoning death of His Son, and to raise us up to life to live forever with Him when Jesus returns in Glory.


Thank God that He is a promise keeper. Thank God that he kept the promise made to David and Daniel. Thank God that we do not need “blind faith” in order to trust Him, that we can point to promises made and kept over, and over again in His Word the Bible. Prayer for Jesus return and praise Him that he will keep his promise to us to raise us up from the dead to new life on the last day. Amen