Love Songs

Song of Songs 8. Acts 21:1-36

You can’t miss the emotion of Song of songs 8, even though the meanings may be somewhat elusive. If you’re poetic – enjoy.

Paul experiences strong emotions as he leaves  the Ephesian church and heads to Jerusalem receiving repeated prophecies that it will end in his capture. Even though his mind was made up, Paul’s heart was breaking.

Reflect on the strong love experienced between Paul  and the Christians in Tyre who he had not previously met. Strong fellowship in the love of Christ.

He then catches up with  Philip, one of the 7 chosen to distribute food in the early church; scattered by Saul’s persecution of the  church 20 or so years earlier, to reside and flourish in Caesarea, a Wollongong to Sydney distance from Jerusalem. Paul will shortly be back there for 2 years of imprisonment.

Paul is travelling with Gentile Christians bringing financial offerings to the Jewish Christians. He finds himself in a Jewish ceremony, pressured to reassure others that he remains pro Moses (1 Cor 9:20). Walking the steps from the Court of Gentiles to the Court of Israel of the Temple were signs in Greek and Latin – “Any foreigner entering within will have himself to blame for his ensuing death”; and the Roman authorities ratified this as law. Nearly beaten to death by the crowd, Paul was fortunate that a Roman garrison was stationed nearby…

The Jewish crowd shouts “away with him!”, reminiscent of similar shouts 27 years earlier…

Through these series of moments, each with their own emotion, relationship, pressure and conflict; we see the Author of our lives making His plan and purposes prevail.

Pray that today the moments you live in, each with  their emotion and pressure, will be to the praise of His Glory.


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