Revelation 2:8-11 — some great reminders

I really enjoyed when the church recently did Revelation as a sermon series. Going back over this reading today reminded me of some wonderful truths.


  1. About who Jesus is (v. 8). The First – He was before all things with God – and the Last – He will be the judge of all. He is the same yesterday, today, and forever. He was dead (and died for our sins) and rose to life again for our justification.
  2. Jesus knows everything (v. 9). We must expect challenges and pain in this life as a Christian but Jesus is aware of this and has promised to never leave us.
  3. Jesus will set things right (v. 10). It may appear that Satan is winning; wickedness and persecution is reigning but do not fear these things. They won’t last and our faith will be strengthened. By persevering we will come out of this with a ‘crown of life’ – a reward of eternal life with Jesus.


It is my prayer that you are as encouraged by these words as I was as you live to witness for Jesus today.