The First of the Kings

The First of the Kings

1 Samuel 10-11

This is the beginning of kingship in the life of Israel. Not that they were without a king before: God himself was their king and ruled through Judges. But the people wanted to be like those nations around them and Saul was the man appointed by God for the task.

As you continue to read you will see he made a good beginning,yet in time he would prove to be a failure. Let us pray that He who began a good work in us will, in His great mercy, bring it to completion at the day of Jesus Christ (Phil., 1:6)

To the Church in Sardis – Repent

Revelation 3:1-6

This church had a reputation that was not being matched in reality. One modern commentator has written: “what was the precise problem in Sardis? Although their malady can be understood as some kind of general unfaithfulness, a number of features in vv1-5 indicate that a particular expression of their spiritual lethargy was in not witnessing to their faith before the unbelieving culture. When opposition threatens there will always be pressure to ‘lie low’ and be silent. In our changing culture what will we do? “When a church has lost its vital force, it is no longer worth attacking; it is so ineffective that it has ceased to matter in the life of the community”.

It is important however to note that God had not forgotten the few in Sardis who were faithful.