Hey Saul…….just let it go!

Todays readings are 1Samuel19; Revelation10:1 – 11:14

I’ll just say it – I just don’t get a lot of Revelation….especially today’s reading. The letters to the 7 churches not too much of a problem there…and the culmination of all things: a new heaven and earth, the final judgement and the awesome worship of the glorified Jesus…..I just love that imagery. In fact I see worship as one thing we do now that is eternal in that when we are in the presence of the father and son we still continue to do just that. Even the written word of God and theology wont matter. We will be in His presence – the living word.

But when it comes to our reading today I’ve got nothing. I checked out some study notes and they sounded a bit like: “this verse could mean this but others take it to mean that”

Yesterday in Chap 18 of 1 Samuel we saw how Saul is becoming jealous of David. He was loyal to Saul and did everything and more that the King asked. David was successful and so honoured by the people and loved by Saul’s son Jonathan. By now Saul is planning to have David killed in battle by the Philistines (interesting that David some years later would try the same trick on Uriah! – Bathsheba’s husband who he committed adultery with). Saul was also becoming afraid of David – the hand of the Lord definitely resting upon him. Not only that but his daughter Michal was very much in love with David and Saul schemed to use her in David’s downfall when they married.

By Chapter 19 Saul is trying to talk his son Jonathan into killing David – this is getting bad! Jonathan was very fond of and committed to David. He talks his father into giving a pledge not to do such a thing. God had withdrawn His spirit from Saul and permitted an evil spirit to torment Saul – this would continue for the rest of his life. The Lords spirit now rested upon David. Saul could just not give up the idea of having David killed.

David runs away from Saul’s insanity. Saul repeatedly sends out groups of men to capture David. The Spirit of the Lord came upon all these man and they all prophesied. Saul then personally pursues David and he also has the Lords spirit descend upon him and prophesies! The power of the Lord has prevented Saul and his men from taking David’s life. He will be God’s man and a King after the Lords own heart. With David will come blessing for the great nation Israel……….well for a time anyway

This story reminds me of Paul’s (Saul’s) conversion. The last guy on earth we would pick to be the apostle to the gentiles is God’s choice. The power of God is a scary thing when humans decide to rail against it. God will have his way! – and that sometimes will not make sense and even seem bizarre to us.

So you think Saul would give up? Think again…….

If you want an insight into Davids thoughts while he is fleeing the relentless Saul  read some of the Psalms.(e.g Ps18)