The Story of a Good Man

The Story of a Good Man

2 Chronicles 34

The unimpressive stories of Manasseh and Amon as kings of Judah that precede this chapter (even though the former wonderfully repented and changed his ways) provide a dark background that highlights this bright episode in Judah’s history.

Josiah was good king as the record reveals. He sought to please God, and the discovery of the Book of the Law (perhaps Deuteronomy) provided a basis for reform and covenant renewal.

Perhaps there is a lesson here that we should learn: the presence of women and men, who graciously seek to honour God in whatever situation they happen to find themselves, are indeed a blessing. The careless or compromised may not see it that way. However, genuinely God-conscious people bring a touch of heaven to any environment in which they operate.

Josiah is a good example.


Take up the Cross and Follow Jesus

Matthew 10:32-42

This reading is both simple and challenging as it recalls the words of our Lord Jesus. We are to take up the cross and follow him.

The cross was an instrument of death. It means death to every motive other than love for God and love for others. That was how Jesus lived and died: for God and for others.

Only God, by the operation of His Spirit, can enable us, in some broken fashion at least, to rise up and follow truly in our Master’s footsteps.


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