Horrible histories… Jephthah.

Judges 10:1- 11:40 and Matthew 26:14-30

We see in Judges, how God  raised people to deliver Israel from the effects of their waywardness and sin. And for a brief time they would have peace and freedom from oppression – before they turn away from God and do evil once again. And these Deliverers were not only limited in their impact and duration, but in themselves.  Jephthah, whilst a mighty warrior, was the son of a prostitute, disinherited and a social outcast. Yet the Spirit of the Lord came upon him (29) to defeat the Ammonites, despite his stupid vow to offer his daughter as a human sacrifice. Horrible.

Israel needed a better savior with better results…

Israel became a nation after fleeing Egypt. The Passover was the birthday celebration of Israel. Celebrating the event when God saved them from slavery by the death of the firstborn- the blood of the Passover lamb providing protection; and blessing them with the wealth of Egypt. They became God’s particular people -for Himself.  Yet their sin caused them to be enslaved and poor. They betrayed God.

Jesus is celebrating Passover, in the context of betrayal. Celebrating and fulfilling it. Jesus announces the new covenant in His blood and body. He is the perfect savior who brings unimaginable results – the forgiveness of sins! Our sins, our horrible, deadly, deforming sin. Ours and others. Delivered from the power and effects of sin… Finally.

He is the Perfect Savior. His body and blood. His achievement, not ours.

We are not just freed from slavery , but blessed with the ‘wealth’ of being in relationship with God- being His particular children, because we are in Jesus. Reflect this morning on who you are in Jesus. Remind yourself of your privileged position. Value it. Dwell on the love of God for you; that Jesus gave himself for you. Feed on Him, He is close to you, completely knows you and cares for you.


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  1. When the world is telling us otherwise, thank you for the reminder of who we are in Christ and of our inheritance in Him.

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