What you need.

Num 21. Luke 5:12-26


Word had spread.This guy was doing and saying amazing things. Interest was growing. From all over Galilee- every single village!, and from Judea and Jerusalem- the Jewish world was arriving to observe, assess and decide. Some curious, some skeptical, some concerned. Not just anyone -Our sin Pharisees and teachers of the law. Political and social heavyweights. Broadway opening night. Big.

Jesus’ reputation had drawn a crowd, and a single paralytic. A person helpless, desperate and out of options. We might resonate with him. We might experience fear, failure and situations of life; marriage stress, health concerns that wont go away, rebellion of children, loss of work, betrayal of friends, disappointment with church, disillusion with politics, which can at times make us feel paralyzed. We want to be healed from that.

Jesus shows grace. He meets us as we are, and where we are. He knows our weaknesses, and he knows our Weakness. Our sin. More paralyzing than any physical or emotional conditions. Our sin paralyzes, our sin destroys.

And Jesus forgives him! A miracle. Worth jumping up and down about.

The Pharisees recognize this as a deity- claiming statement, and Jesus replies that both forgiveness and healing are Deity actions. Then Jesus tells the forgiven man to jump up!

How happy would he have been? The physical healing was a visual image of the greater healing that had occurred, unseen to our eyes. The result was amazement and awe, praise to God, and a recognition of being witness to things remarkable.Big.

Our sin leads to death. Numbers 21 records that those dying from poisonous snake bites, only need to look to the salvation God had provided, hanging on a cross for all to see, and they would be saved. The mercy and grace of God.

Jesus dying did all that was needed for your forgiveness. You were paralyzed, unable to do anything, other than look to Him.

Look to Jesus today and be thankful in your heart for your healing.