Christmas Eve 2017 – Is There Room?

Nearly there. Just one more sleep.

Been busy have you! Same here. Tired are you? Likewise! Just one more sleep, you are thinking and then as soon as Christmas Day has come and gone, I can get back to normal. Of course it may just depend on what is normal for you when you are not experiencing the rush of Christmas.

Can I ask, what thoughts do you have the day or night before Christmas? What occupies your mind? The year that has nearly past? Will the presents you have purchased make the person happy and thankful. Or is it more, I can’t wait for 2018 to arrive.

What abut God? What images of him or Jesus comes to mind the day or night before Christmas? For me this year it is from Luke 2:7, “…because there was no room for them in the inn”.  The creator of the universe is just about to be born in a stable. Wow. So familiar, yet no doubt we don’t give it too much attention. Why? Because it is just like any other fact about the birth of Jesus. We see so many skits at this time of year, especially with our children or grandchildren, with stables, inns, cows…you name it, we know what happens. No room, indeed. I think most of the time I am better at being busy than allowing the simple facts of Christmas to penetrate my soul.

I wonder if I could ask you somehow, before this day ends, to just spend a moment thinking about what it must have been like the day or night before that first Christmas. And before this day ends, ask yourself, “Have you allowed Jesus enough room in your life to enter in?”

If not, do not worry, 2018 is just around the corner.


From pastor Ian.