To this you were born

Psalm 96

This Psalm meditates on the splendor, majesty, strength and glory of God, particularly in respect to His salvation and judgement. It calls us to ascribe to God the glory due  his name (8). It invites us to join  the chorus of creation- praise to our great God. The reality of Heaven (Rev ch 4,5) is praise, fulfilling our purpose, acknowledging God’s ultimate position.

Our reluctance to join, is evidenced by our failure to fulfill the first Commandment; a diagnosis of our heart, resistance to God’s position and our desire to rule.  What stands in the way is our self. Our self focus. Our self preoccupation. Our self glory. Our self pity. Our self satisfaction. Our self-ishness. We steal the praise due Him.

Acknowledging to God our selfishness, our sinfulness; drawing on His power to save, to bring us into His family and to indwell us by His spirit, and falling on His grace, may our hearts form prayers of praise to our great God as we meditate on Him through this Psalm today.

May we proclaim His praise and His salvation day after day.


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  1. Thank you Phil (and Vanessa?) for your thoughts today. I love the noisiness of this Psalm – so many references to praising, singing, rejoicing as we acknowledge our Creator’s sovereignty over us and all he has made.

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