Everything Changes

2 Corinthians 5:14 -6:4

What a passage to read at the start of 2018! It is a strong encouragement that calls us to have a new attitude in life. We wonder what words stood out for you, but some strong ones like – compel v14, implore v20, don’t receive God’s grace in vain ch6:1 challenged our approach to life in this new year.

Three thoughts struck us in this rather solid theological statement

1 The power of God’s love, fulfilled in Christ’s death and resurrection, compels us to live for Him. Once we recognise this love, which brings reconciliation and relationship with God Himself, we must live for Him and not for self. V14,17,18

2 We are new creations. Our old ways and attitudes no longer fit in Christ’s company because we are driven by His love . In following Christ we become new people in every way which enables us to see others as He sees them. This brings us to focus on others not as the world sees them but as God does. V16

3 We are Christ’ ambassadors v20 and coworkers ch6:1. To be called into partnership with the Almighty Creator of he universe means sharing in bringing reconciliation with God to those who do not yet know His love.

We’ll need to draw on the guidance of the Holy Spirit if these goals are to be ours in 2018.

Peter and Elizabeth.