Sinfulness Does Not Go Unpunished

Sinfulness Does Not Go Unpunished

Nahum 3

“… the book of Nahum tells us in very straight terms that evil will be punished. It warns us about our own sin, and it encourages us when we are oppressed by great evils by reminding us that God will have the last word. We need this message bringing home to us at times when our persecutors ‘increase like the locusts’, or on the other hand, at times when we think we are getting away with behaviour which is not strictly honouring to God. The book may have a limited scope, but its message is a vital one.” (M. Butterworth)

It is worth reading Revelation 20:11-15 as a New Testament equivalent.

Entering the Kingdom of Heaven

Luke 18:18-30

Who will enter the Kingdom of Heaven? Thank God that what is absolutely impossible for sinful human beings is possible with God. Only by His undeserved mercy and grace can any of us be saved. Thanks be to God, He does save those who call upon Him.