Stones serving as signs

Our readings today are from Luke and Joshua.

Our years are filled with events that remind us of important occurrences – Australia Day, Easter, Birthdays, Wedding Anniversaries, Christmas. In part it’s so we don’t forget. It’s also so we remember what’s important.

My daughter tells the story of the time I forgot to pick her up from school. She was waiting, and I didn’t show up. She rang me (she was mid-late High School not infants) and reminded me about where I should be. I had been distracted by other things and hadn’t realised the time. I should have set a reminder, because I know I can forget things either due to distraction or just forgetfulness.

So, the story of Israel going into the promised land encourages me (no, it doesn’t excuse my action… it just makes me realise I’m not alone). Having witnessed the incredible miracle of the parting of the Jordan River, and crossing through it, 12 representatives (one from each tribe) go back into the river and take 12 stones from the middle of the river to make a monument that would be a sign to Israel (Josh 4:1-9).

Why grab these stones unless they are needed? Why would they need reminding of the parting of the Jordan except that they would forget? How could they possibly forget what the Lord had done on that day? Yet God knew they could, and he knew they would. The stones were erected and the people instructed to use the memorial stones as a sign and reminder of how the Lord had cut off the flow of the Jordan.

In God’s plan of salvation, this entry into the promised land was very significant. It was important for the people to remember.

What are the “stones” that you use to remember God’s action in your life? What are the “stones” you use to remember how he brought you into his promised land?

I have a number of memorials that I have collected over the years to remind me of God’s goodness. A railway nail, photo’s, carvings, drawings… and even some stones. In part, they are scattered around various places to make sure I don’t forget his loving kindness. But more, they are there to reminded me of the priority, significance and importance of his great love and goodness in my life. In a world that bombards me with so many messages, while I may not forget his love, I can easily be distracted away from its immense significance and importance.

When God parts the river for you, don’t forget to grab a stone 🙂