“Siri, tell me all.”

Joshua 8:30-9:27, Luke 22:63- 23:5

Information overload. Siri, Google, Facebook. Facts and features about people, politics, music, culture. Knowledge is sought.

Nothing new, it seems. The leaders of Israel, and the leader of Roman occupation of Israel, asked questions. Wanting information.

“Are you the Christ?   Are you the Son of God?    Are you the King of the Jews? ”  Filling their knowledge gap.

Knowledge and information does not constitute belief , Jesus tells us (v 67). We can know the answer to these questions, but let that knowledge have limited impact on our lives. The implications the answers to these questions raise, deeply impact our self perception, self reliance, and how we ultimately view reality.

Jesus answers that he is at the right hand – in a position of power and rule- of the mighty God (v69), and yet those around him see him  as trapped, weak and condemned. We are tempted to see him that way at times, as our culture challenges God’s sovereignty over  choices, and challenges His very existence.

Seeing the mighty God and seeing his Christ, takes faith and belief. It takes the power of God working in our lives to heal our blindness, and set our captive hearts free. Without this, our questions about about God remain merely information. We may take it or leave it. follow another thread, another trending topic. We continue to be self- determining. Like Israel, we will fail to seek His council (Joshua 9:14), and suffer the consequences. We remain clouded by sin in our thinking, our hearts remain kidnapped.

Praise our mighty God who is indeed, mighty to save.  Save his creatures from their sin, and dwell with His children through His Spirit and power. May knowledge drive us to belief, to trust and obedience, and to praise.